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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Undercover Pursuit by Susan May Warren

Scarlett Hanson has arrived  in Cancun to attend her sister's wedding. At the airport she is told that her sister's wedding dress cannot be found. Scarlett had to pick it up in Minneapolis for her sister and bring it to her. Scarlett is told that the dress should arrive by morning and Scarlett must leave for the hotel which is on an island and the ferry is leaving soon. She heads outside looking for the vehicle from the hotel that will take her to the ferry. She finds it and then gets in the car where a man is already inside waiting to go to the island too. This man is named Luke Dekker and he is an agent from an international security firm hired to attend a wedding and break up a big drug cartel. He is supposed to meet his date, another agent whom he has never met. He assumes that she is the agent and confusion reigns. Eventually this situation is straightened out and Scarlett and Luke's relationship begins to blossom.
Maybe I missed it, but the missing female agent doesn't show up until the story is almost over. There didn't seem to be any explanation of why it took so long for her to show up. It didn't really matter to the story, I was just curious since the agents from the security firm are always quite reliable. In spite of this problem, I really did enjoy this story. It was modern and up to date with drug cartels and such. The story was fun, scary, interesting and a rather good read.

This book was provided to me to read and review by Litfuse

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