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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Healing Quilt by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Amish couple Emma and Lamar Yoder Miller, have bought a small winter home in Sarasota Florida in the Pinecraft community. Having taught a quilting class back in Indiana, Emma wants to teach at their winter home in Pinecraft to have something creative to do with her time. Lamar agrees to help her with the class and finding students begins. 
In this book about hope, friendship and love, various characters come together to learn how to make a quilted wall hanging given by Emma Yoder with help from her husband Lamar. Each student comes to the once per week class. Some came there freely and eager to learn. One student named Erika is in a wheelchair and really doesn't want to be there. Jennifer, a pregnant woman whose husband has been unsuccessfully searching for a new job. Someone who wishes to be anonymous, pays for Jennifer's classes and more as the story develops. Mike, a charter boat owner, Kim a waitress and Noreen and BJ round out the class. 
Emma and Lamar welcome their students into their home and it's interesting and heartwarming to learn more about each character and how talking with each other their problems become lessened and they learn more about each other and themselves.
The Healing Quilt is a lovely story to enjoy. There is much to be learned about the generosity of Emma, Lamar and each of the students who all benefit by listening and helping each other. 

The Healing Quilt was provided to me by Shiloh Run Press and Handlebar free of charge with no expectation for a positive review.

Monday, October 21, 2013

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Gunpowder Tea Margaret Brownley
Gunpowder Tea by Margaret Brownley
Miranda Hunt is a detective with the Pinkerton Detective Agency. She is going to go undercover as Annie Beckman and answer an ad for becoming the heiress for the Last Chance Ranch. There are train robberies occuring in the Arizona territory in the 1890's and it is feared that the phantom train robber may be hiding on the Last Chance Ranch property. The train that is bringing Miranda to her new assignment is held up by the robber and his associates. One of the robbers, possibly the Phantom robber, steals her dead father's watch. Not a great start for Miranda or is it? The man who robbed her had blue eyes and he was seated but then there he was with his face half hidden and taking her father's watch and putting it in his own pocket, not with the other stolen items. When the train arrives at it's destination, the authorities catch the three thieves, and some of the passengers call for a hanging, but the bad guys are hauled off to jail. Miranda heads off to her job interview but more unforseen problems begin after she arrives.

This was such a very enjoyable book to read. I've never read any of Margaret Brownley's othestories, but I do want to get them all and read them. My meager review gives you just a taste of the story. The book will grab you and pull you into the days of cowboys and the lives of the strong women who all made a place for themselves way back in the 1890's. 

This book was provided to me to read and review by Litfuse Publicity.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Letters by Suzanne Woods Fisher

The Letters is a story that you will wish you could keep reading beyond the end of  the book. The story follows Rose Schrock after her husband dies and she has moved in with her mother-in-law. She needs to repay the debts that her husband has left. Rose comes up with the plan to convert the basement into an inn.  The Inn is a success and we meet new characters who each add their own personalities to the story.  Galen is the next door neighbor who might just be a love interest for Rose. They just need a little encouragement and nudges from others to take the steps needed to open their hearts to the other. The Letters has many other stories within the main story and they all add to the fullness of another great book from Suzanne Woods Fisher. I highly recommend this book.

I received this book free of charge from Litfuse to read and review.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Quarryman's Bride

The Quarryman's bride by author Tracie Peterson tells the story of love between two people who have been seperated by circumstances beyond their control. Emmalyne Knox and Tavin MacLachlan have always loved each other and planned to be married. Family obligations and a very strict father kept Emmalyne at home with her mother instead of with Tavin and building their own family. Years go by and then Emmalyne and Tavin meet once again. Will they finally marry and will their families respect their wishes? Nothing in life is ever that easy, but the problems that we face make us stronger.

This story is a really great read and you won't be sorry to buy this book and enjoy every word for yourself.

This book was provided to me by Bethany House  Publishers.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Time and Again by Deborah Heal

Time and Again by author Deborah Heal is the story of Abby and Merrideth. Merri is a teen aged girl with parental And personal problems. Her parents are divorced, with her mother working hard to take care of herself and Merri. Abby is a college aged young woman who takes on the job as a tutor, as part of a service project to help Merri who's school work has deteriorated along with her family structure. At first things are difficult between the teacher and her student, but things begin to get very interesting with inter-actions with various neighbors and a very odd computer program on the household computer.
This book was written for young adults but readers of all ages will really like the story and the many real characters from the 1800's in the USA and Illinois in particular. Abraham Lincoln is one character that everyone will enjoy reading about. The underground railroad is brought to life with the telling of some stories from several characters whose stories were similar to real experiences from real people who took their lives and freedom into their own hands and into the hands of the people who helped them to go north.

I recommend this book to everyone, it really has something for everyone.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Love in Disguise by Carol Cox

Ellie Moore has spent many years as the wardrobe mistress, make-up artist and general assistant to an actress who is about to leave for Europe. Ellie loses her job and must look for another one quickly as she hasn't much money to survive on, in wintry Chicago. As she tries to find new employment, she overhears two men discussing a job that needs another woman to pretend to be the niece of a widowed woman in the warmer area of Arizona. It sounds like the perfect opportunity for Ellie, so she follows the two men into what turns out to be the Pinkerton Detective Agency. After a few more encounters with the agency, she convinces them to hire her for the job to be a detective investigating the theft of silver shipments.
This book was fun to read. The woman that Ellie was supposed to play the niece to, throws a very big wrench into the works which leads to a real challenge for Ellie. Tell the truth to the Pinkertons and lose her new found job or pretend that all is fine and play more than one role. Although at times I had some doubts about things like the make-up and costuming all done by Ellie alone, it just didn't deter me from really enjoying this book very much. I do recommend this book to everyone.
This book was provided to me by Bethany House Publishers to read and review.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Deadly Image by Tamelia Tumlin

Lexi Yates and her 3 year old daughter Anna, have started a new life in the town of Gator Bayou in Louisiana. Lexi's husband died in a car crash and she just wants a new place to live away from all of the familiar scenes of her formerly happy life with her deceased husband and the sad ending to what should have been a long and wonderful life together. Little Anna disappears one day and the local police seem to believe that Lexi has done something to her young daughter. Even the FBI seem to distrust her words and actions. With all the stress of waiting for word about her daughter, dealing with the police, the FBI and family and neighbors has taken a toll on Lexi. She suffers from stress and recurring nightmares that seem to be more frequent and scary. She must find Anna and put an end to the bad feelings and fear of what is happening to Anna.
This book has several mysteries contributing to the story. Memories from the past, what her parents know but aren't saying contribute to a lot of questions but make the story more interesting. Although I was able to guess at what was haunting Lexi fairly early on, reading the story to verify what I thought was a good read. I do recommend this book to anyone who likes a mystery and some romance too.

This book was provided to me to read and review by the author. 

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