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Monday, May 13, 2013

Time and Again by Deborah Heal

Time and Again by author Deborah Heal is the story of Abby and Merrideth. Merri is a teen aged girl with parental And personal problems. Her parents are divorced, with her mother working hard to take care of herself and Merri. Abby is a college aged young woman who takes on the job as a tutor, as part of a service project to help Merri who's school work has deteriorated along with her family structure. At first things are difficult between the teacher and her student, but things begin to get very interesting with inter-actions with various neighbors and a very odd computer program on the household computer.
This book was written for young adults but readers of all ages will really like the story and the many real characters from the 1800's in the USA and Illinois in particular. Abraham Lincoln is one character that everyone will enjoy reading about. The underground railroad is brought to life with the telling of some stories from several characters whose stories were similar to real experiences from real people who took their lives and freedom into their own hands and into the hands of the people who helped them to go north.

I recommend this book to everyone, it really has something for everyone.