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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lucy Come Home 
by Dave and Neta Jackson

Lucy Come Home follows Lucinda Tucker in the year 1943. She is traveling with her family who are migrant farm workers moving from one farm to the next in the hope of finding work. The story also follows  "Bo" Bodene who works with the traveling circus along with his father James "Jeb" Bodene. Lucinda and Bo meet when the migrant farm workers and the circus both come to Lapeer, Michigan. The two young people get to know each other and really do like each other. As their story progresses, something really horrible happens which forces them to leave everything they know and care about and seek a safer place to live.

Historical fiction helps to give everyone a chance to learn about times from our past and to have a better understanding of various factual occurences. The dust bowl, WW2, migrant farm workers are some of the actual things told to us with fictional characters. The lives and times that many of our ancesters lived through are amazing to read about. Lucy Come Home has Lucinda/Cindy/Lucy Tucker as part of a migrant picking family. Bo Bodeen works with a traveling circus. They meet when they both come to Lapeer, Michigan to begin working. Although these two characters are fictional, their story could be anyone's who lived during those hard times in our history. I really enjoyed reading this book, but at first I was a bit surprised by the time leap from the '40's to the more recent times in our history. Who was this 80 year old woman telling about the Manna House where homeless women lived. Then I realized that this was Cindy who now called herself Lucy. The book was written by Dave Jackson and his wife Neta, and it appeared that one wrote the old parts and the other wrote the more modern parts. There seemed to be some differences in how Cindy and Lucy spoke, even though they were the same person. In spite of that slight problem, I did enjoy the book and the story it told. There is an underlying faith in God that kept popping up for Lucy, that sustained her even when she wasn't so strongly aware of the presence of God in her life.

This book was provided to me to read and review by Litfuse Publicity.