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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hidden Affections by Delia Parr

Annabelle Tyler has been betrayed. She has lost her parents and the scoundrel that she married has taken her inheritance and divorced her. The year is 1831 and divorce is a terrible mark against a woman in society. Because she is divorced, she can no longer teach and the people in the area where she was living, are not kind to her. On a trip to Philadelphia to start a new job in a candy store, the coach she was riding in is attacked by robbers and she is handcuffed to a male passenger who turns out to be a very rich man from Philadelphia named Harrison Graymoor, a known playboy type person. They spend the cold night together waiting for help to come. The local sheriff and other men from the area take them to a minister insisting that they are doing the right thing to force them to marry.
I enjoyed this romance story very much. I could almost imagine this fictional story actually happening way back when. It is a bit difficult to accept that anyone would be forced to marry a stranger under threats from the sheriff, but once I got past that idea, I just enjoyed reading the story and learning how love developed between Annabelle and Harrison. There are a lot of twists and turns and interesting characters in this book. Historical romances give us a chance to see how different things were in the past. This book is a worthwhile read and another fine story from Delia Parr.

I received this book from Bethany House Publishers to read and review.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spring For Susannah

Susannah Underhill has little prospects for marriage and she is alone. Because of her situation she decides to accept the offer of marriage to her minister's homesteading brother in the Dakota territory. Susannah is not exactly ready for what awaits her. Jesse, her new husband lives in a very small soddy, in a place with distant neighbors. Gradually it becomes apparent that the petite Susannah is more then up to the daily jobs that await her. As the daughter of a veterinarian, she has had a lot of experience working with animals, some who need immediate medical help. This ability to help animals comes in handy with the various animals who need attention when there is no vet around. Susannah also proves herself by the meals that she makes and how she makes the tiny soddy a home for herself and her new husband Jessie. Susannah's new husband is gentle and supportive toward her and does not rush her into anything that she is not quite ready for. Eventually she is expecting a baby and even this does not slow down her ability to work hard and keep the home running for Jessie and herself. An attack of grasshoppers causes a disaster for the farmers of the territory and Jessie decides to go off and look for work away from the soddy home and farm that he and Susannah live on. This causes all sorts of troubles for the young couple, but they both find their own ways to survive until they can be together again.

This was a joy to read. It always makes me wonder how people survived back before all the modern conveniences that we now can't live without. Deep inside all of us is a strength to deal with whatever we must face in our lives and our faith and belief in God will always keep us from giving into despair. If you enjoy reading about these pioneers and the lives that they lead, then this book is one you will want to read.

This book was provided to me, to read and review by Litfuse Publicity Group.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Foolish Heart

My Foolish Heart is the name of a syndicated talk radio show that the character Isadora Presley hosts. Even though Isadora or Issy as she is known to her friends, gives advice to the lovelorn, she has never even been on a date. Issy works on her radio show from right inside her home. Issy's listeners are not aware that she is afraid to leave her house but does manage to go into her yard and do gardening and even force herself to get a little exercise jogging around the block. Issy was in a tragic accident that took the life of her mother and put her father in a nursing home and on a respirator. Since that time, she has been suffering from panic attacks. When a new neighbor moves in next door, things begin to change for Issy. The new neighbor also begins to call her radio show and neither of them realize that they are neighbors, not just a name on the radio program.
I enjoyed reading this book. The support shown to Issy by her friends and father was very heartwarming. They all encouraged her to keep trying to do a little more and test herself beyond her own safe barriers. At times I couldn't help but think that Issy was a bit selfish,  her father was in the nursing home and she couldn't go and visit him. She wouldn't go out and buy some food, instead her friend had to bring her food and donuts. In a way it was almost like some people were just enabling her to pity herself and let her hide at home. I know she was traumatized by the accident and having her mother die in her arms, but it seemed to take a long time for her to finally break free and embrace life again. Grief and horrific occurances affect each person differently, so I guess she just needed time to come to terms with her problems. The story is really a very good read and I highly recommend it to all.

This book was provided to me by Litfuse Publicity Group to read and review.

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