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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Healing Quilt by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Amish couple Emma and Lamar Yoder Miller, have bought a small winter home in Sarasota Florida in the Pinecraft community. Having taught a quilting class back in Indiana, Emma wants to teach at their winter home in Pinecraft to have something creative to do with her time. Lamar agrees to help her with the class and finding students begins. 
In this book about hope, friendship and love, various characters come together to learn how to make a quilted wall hanging given by Emma Yoder with help from her husband Lamar. Each student comes to the once per week class. Some came there freely and eager to learn. One student named Erika is in a wheelchair and really doesn't want to be there. Jennifer, a pregnant woman whose husband has been unsuccessfully searching for a new job. Someone who wishes to be anonymous, pays for Jennifer's classes and more as the story develops. Mike, a charter boat owner, Kim a waitress and Noreen and BJ round out the class. 
Emma and Lamar welcome their students into their home and it's interesting and heartwarming to learn more about each character and how talking with each other their problems become lessened and they learn more about each other and themselves.
The Healing Quilt is a lovely story to enjoy. There is much to be learned about the generosity of Emma, Lamar and each of the students who all benefit by listening and helping each other. 

The Healing Quilt was provided to me by Shiloh Run Press and Handlebar free of charge with no expectation for a positive review.