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Monday, October 3, 2011

Waking Hours by Lis Wiehl and Pete Nelson

The setting for this story is the town of East Salem in Westchester, County New York. It's the fall of the year and scary things are happening. The body of a young girl is found dead on top of a large rock. She had been at a party with other high school kids and now they are all suspects in her death. Unfortunately, no one can remember anything. Forensic psychiatrist Dani Harris is acting with the DA's office to help solve this case. She begins to be troubled by really scary dreams that keep waking her up each night at the same exact time. An aquaintance from Dani's high school days re-enters her life. Tommy Gunderson a former NFL linebacker is having some strange things happen on his property. An elderly woman has set off his alarm system and is found in the back yard babbling in various languages and holding a dead frog. She also tells Gunderson that he is next. Next for what? Gunderson is studying to become a PI and eventually becomes an assistant to Dani, helping to search for answers about the murder of the young girl and also to help protect Dani from the many weird things that are happening to her within her home at night.

Although this book has some rather gory scenes, it is quite a story to read. I found it difficult to leave the story, and kept wanting to know more and keep reading until the end. The book is really interesting and will grab you and keep you wanting to know more and know why things are happening. There is definitely a strong case for the presence of good and evil within our world and it does affect all of us in varying ways. Angels are with us and watching over us. Satan is also here and is present in many horrible ways.

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