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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Amish Proverbs and Your Family Proverbs

I have tried and tried to think of some family proverbs or family sayings, but have not had much luck thinking of any. My own mother used to say all sorts of things, that I just refer to as mommisms. Maybe that is really what most call proverbs, who knows for sure. My mom and grandmother often told me that if I kept making faces it would freeze that way. I didn't think it was true when I was a kid, and fortunately I was right or I'd be in really big trouble now. My grandmother also told me not to hang upside down on my swing set, because all of my blood would go into my head. I'm not sure that that would have been such a bad thing, but who knows. In order to keep granny happy, I wouldn't hang upside down when she was looking.
If anyone reading this would like to share their own family proverbs, please just post them in a comment. I will be giving away a copy of Amish Proverbs to one lucky winner chosen at random by a member of my family who has not yet been appointed to perform this task.


  1. LOL- I remember my father always saying...
    It's a great life if you don't weaken...
    And my favorite. (talking about marriage)
    Better an old man's darling than a young man's slave. (I should have listened)-lol Diana

  2. My mother also used to use that saying about being a young man's slave lol

  3. Diana, you are the winner of Amish Proverbs. Email me your address when you get the chance please. :)