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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Deadly Image by Tamelia Tumlin

Lexi Yates and her 3 year old daughter Anna, have started a new life in the town of Gator Bayou in Louisiana. Lexi's husband died in a car crash and she just wants a new place to live away from all of the familiar scenes of her formerly happy life with her deceased husband and the sad ending to what should have been a long and wonderful life together. Little Anna disappears one day and the local police seem to believe that Lexi has done something to her young daughter. Even the FBI seem to distrust her words and actions. With all the stress of waiting for word about her daughter, dealing with the police, the FBI and family and neighbors has taken a toll on Lexi. She suffers from stress and recurring nightmares that seem to be more frequent and scary. She must find Anna and put an end to the bad feelings and fear of what is happening to Anna.
This book has several mysteries contributing to the story. Memories from the past, what her parents know but aren't saying contribute to a lot of questions but make the story more interesting. Although I was able to guess at what was haunting Lexi fairly early on, reading the story to verify what I thought was a good read. I do recommend this book to anyone who likes a mystery and some romance too.

This book was provided to me to read and review by the author. 

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