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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Within My Heart by Tamera Alexander

Rachel Boyd is a young widow and the mother of two small boys. Her husband Thomas died leaving her with his dream to maintain a ranch in the Colorado Rockies. Is running a ranch Rachel's dream too or does she have other dreams that would better use her natural gifts?
Dr. Rand Brookston came to the west to bring modern medicine to the wild Rockies. His example of good medicine gradually leads the people of Timber Ridge to understand that he is there for them and will help them with their medical needs and also by listening to their fears and offering his advice. He likes Rachel Boyd, but she keeps him at a distance. Many obstacles seem to lie in the path of love. Will Rachel and Rand find a way to be together?
I enjoyed reading this historical romance. Once Rand and Rachel began to open up to each other about their own fears and needs, things began to get better for their relationship. I guess the lesson to be learned is that honesty clears the path to better understanding.

This book was provided to me by Bethany House Publishers.

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  1. Carol-That sounds like a very good book. I like the books that you read all have good moral value. Diana