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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Vigilante's Bride by Yvonne Harris

Emily McCarthy is on her way to the Montana Territory. She expects to become the bride of Bart Axel, a widowed and wealthy man whom she knows nothing about. On her way to Bart's ranch, the stagecoach is stopped by a cowboy with a grudge to settle. The cowboy takes money from the lawyer in the coach, thus settling part of his grudge, and also manages to save Emily from being taken to Bart's ranch to become his bride.
After looking at the cover of this book, I was a bit reluctant to read this "cowboy" book. I'm so glad that I overcame my initial reaction and began to read this exciting story. I really enjoyed meeting the characters in this book. One scene that I especially enjoyed was the change of clothing between the cowboys and Indians. There was humor in this scene but also the message that people of different backgrounds can get along when the truth is recognized by everyone and a common good needs to be achieved. By the end of this story, I was ready to read more. I do hope that there will be additional stories with Emily and the cowboy Sullivan.

I received this book from Bethany House Publishers to read and review.


  1. Thank you Carol, for your review on this book. I also have it, and I'd laid it aside, and read another couple of books, figuring I'd read it last, because I figured it would be too 'western' to suit me. Now I look forward to reading it, when I finish the one I have started.

  2. It ounds like a really good book, Carol. I sometimes have a hard time gettting past the cover too...but am usually pleasantly surprised when I do. Thanks for the review- Diana

  3. Thank you both for reading my reviews. I do appreciate it :)

  4. Jettie, Nana, & Carol,
    Loved your comments. I had such a good time writing the story. Something that isn't generally known is there's real history there. There really was a vigilance committee in Montana in 1884 run by the hero's boss. They were the guys in the white hats, the ones who saved Montana. They come back into the story a time or two. Google Granville Stuart and see what you find out. Unfortunately, there's not a word about Luke, my fictional hero! :)
    Yvonne H.

  5. Hi Yvonne, thank you for reading my review of your new book.
    I grew up during the time of cowboy shows on tv almost every night of the week. Many times vigilantes weren't portrayed as doing anything but breaking the law. The truth is probably that there was no law and order in many remote areas of the west and mid-west. They served a necessary job to control the theft by outlaws. They served as police, judge, jury and executioner.
    I did google Granville Stuart. He sounds like a man of many talents. Thanks for suggesting I look for info about him.